G2 Web Solutions Recent Projects

Here are some examples of our most recent projects.


For this project we developed a full functioning CMS (Content Management System) backend allowing the owners to log into the backend to change the photos and text of all the pages within this website. This site also allows the owners to add new shows and allow the online purchase & payment for tickets to attend each of their wedding events.


The main purpose of this website is to collect leads from potential customers. An advertising campaign was created on various PPC websites such as Google's Ad Words and Microsofts Bing Ads to drive people to the website, they then fill out the short form which is emailed to the sites owner and stored in a database for future reference. As with all our websites this comes with a backend management system which keeps traffic statistics, leads, and contact us messages.


This is a small transportation/taxi service serving the tourist areas of Orlando (Universal Studios/ Disney World). This site collects customer information as well as books their rides. A full featured backend was created allowing the operators to view trip requests and leads.


This site was designed to allow producers of wedding & bridal shows to post information regarding their event. Brides then search for events in their area by entering their zip codes. The brides will also signup to receive email notices several days before the event happens as a reminder.

Designed and coded the following notable websites:

PJM Interconnection (pjm.com) the largest electrical power gird operator in North America. Was responsible pulling real-time data from PJM's main control system for display on the pjm.com websites. The website is used by power grid operators in the Northeastern US to forecast power demand, forecast potential problems over 65,000 miles of transmission lines, and schedule generation from over 1300 power generation plants.

FlightAware (flightaware.com) the nations most notable flight tracking system. Designed web interfaces allowing for the collection of real-time aircraft flight positions. Also designed a system using inexpensive hardware allowing for real-time tracking of aircraft that are not on IFR flight plans, this includes military, private, government and corporate aircraft. Prior to my design it cost FlightAware over $500 per live data feed, my design cut to cost to $75 per live data feed.